Top seven teams of 2015

Top seven teams of 2015
The participating teams of 2015

We were thrilled about the reception that the second round of Startup Energy Reykjavík got. About sixty companies applied for the Startup Energy Reykjavík program this year, just half a year from the end of the first round.

The hard part however was limiting our selection to accepting only seven companies to the program. After several interviews, research and a whole lot of consideration we selected the top seven. 

Those seven teams are:
Loki Geothermal

They are working in a wide range of business, from smart switches and the sharing economy around charging electric cars to the production of astaxanthin from algae and energy production in low heat geothermal areas.

We are super exited about working with the skilled people behind those ideas for the coming weeks. We bet you’ll be as exited to see what they will have to show you at the end of the program.